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I am very honored to be among the women recognized this year by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as a Silicon Valley influencer. The Gala will take place May 18th in San Jose. Even happier makes me to share this year award with three of my dear friends: Ilana Golan from Golan Ventures, Amanda Packel from the Stanford Center for Governance and  Shari Liss CEO of Ignited Education. 


Pretty soon we will safely need to feed 8B people. As the supply chains become more and more complicated, we know that digitalization and standardization of the food data will help us accomplish it. Jason Tatge from Farmobile and I shared the stage at SXSW to talk about how we understand data standardization, the gaps that we see today and some of the potential solutions to address them. 


AOAC presentation at the Pacific meeting in Berkeley about the advantages of using next generation sequencing to verify authenticity of ingredients by suppliers. 
Will I see you at SXSW? I will be speaking at the "Intelligent Future" track about how we need a data standard for the food industry to safely and efficiently feed the world as needs and complexity grow. See you in Austin!


I had the incredible honor of being a judge at the Stanford Center for Longevity Design Challenge. Over the holidays, I reviewed and judged about 15 submissions from all over the world with designs for the topic "Innovating aging in place." The Center studies the nature and development of the human life span, looking for innovative ways to use science and technology to solve the problems of people over 50 by improving the well-being of people of all ages. If you want a super interesting read about how our supersized life spans are going to radically alter society, I recommend the book from Dr. Laura Carstensten "A long bright future" (…/s…/10790514-a-long-bright-future). Finalists will be announced January 23rd. Good luck to all the participants.


I wrote this guest blog post for Food Dive where I talk about a fascinating aspect of the future of food: the microbiome and its connection with our health. 


What is the behind the gluten-free frenzy? Read about my own experimentations and the reasons behind the "perceptionists" and the "modern diet" sides. 


The folks at Intel wrote this article about the talk I gave at Intel Analytics Summit. They particularly liked the way we destiled very complex information into consumable insights for buyers. The collaboration between our scientific, analytic and marketing teams was key to make it happen. Did you read Clear Labs hot dog report? 


This year Amplify Lab's speed mentoring event for women in tech will take place in Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto. It is a great way to make a lot of potential mentor-mentees meet (for 7 minutes!) and see which pairs have the required chemistry to work. I will be a mentor at the Palo Alto event Tuesday, October 18th. Registration is here. It is also quite fun. 


In this post, I explore the microbiome, the status of the latest research and innovation, the development of the gut microbiome in babies and the importance of breastfeeding. I also talk about my personal experience with breastfeeding, the difficulty of combining it with a career and even with normal public life. 


It was exciting to present at the Intel Analytics summit as part of the Innovation SpotLight section. Along with other exciting companies like or Etsy, we walked the audience over some of the advanced analytics applications that Clear Labs uses to drive innovation. 


Amazing innovations can spark when an industry speaks the same language. For example, with the standardization of cargo containers, the carbon footprint of the transportation industry was significantly reduced while improving efficiency. Similar standardization is required in our food supply so we can safely and efficiently meet the world increasing feeding needs. 
So consider upvoting my panel at SXSW here. Thanks!  


Great evening with family and friends at the reception for the "40 under 40" award for the Silicon Valley Business journal. 
Honored by Silicon Valley Business Journal as part of 40 under 40 2016 class. The article is here, but you need a subscription to the journal to see the full story. 
This article in PSFK is about how we make our DNA test results, which involve a lot of complex data processing and results, information and data processing, accessible to a broader consumer audience. 
Food Quality News guest post on food fraud history, regulation, and technology. As technology develops, so does the means at the disposal of industry and regulators. Genetic testing is one of the ways that is rapidly evolving to detect and combat not only fraud but also oversights that may happen along the supply chain. 

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