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IISME (Industry Inciatives for Science and Math Education) exists to address the critical need for a strong, highly skilled workforce in math, science and technological fields. This industry-education partnership focuses on teachers as the primary agents for effecting meaningful change in our schools by providing 8-week paid internships.

Chair Female Founders

Founders Network is a private community of tech startup founders committed to helping each other succeed through peer mentorship. Members gain a support network featuring peer advice based on experience and personal introductions to key individuals like investors, customers and vetted service providers. The benefits are faster, smarter decision making; increased access to growth opportunities; and peace of mind from minimizing personal and management risk.

Founders Network has about 600 members globally and about 100 of them are women founders.

Leading Women in Technology


Leading Women in Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to unlocking the potential of professionals who advise technology businesses. Our vision is to promote the advancement of women in the technology industry by empowering women to become the best versions of themselves.


Member - Ring 4

We are a tribe of women leaders laser-focused on accelerating one another’s success. We push each other constantly looking for way to help one another showcase our platforms to achieve our visions. We develop deep bonds to each with one another and to within our communities. We use our platforms to drive the change we want to see in our society.

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